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Translation and interpreting

Georgian, the main language of the Kartvelian language group, is entirely unrelated to the Turkic and Indo-European tongues of even its close neighbors. With its unique alphabet -- exceptionally beautiful but almost entirely unrelated to Latin or Cyrillic scripts --complex grammar, and a wide range of regional variations, Georgia poses a real challenge even to experienced linguists. And, while the younger generation are rapidly improving their English skills, the vast majority of the population have little or no experience with foreign languages, beyond perhaps a few words of Russian.

If your travel plans in Georgia involve anything more than a simple vacation, and especially if you are interested in doing any type of business in the country, you will almost certainly find yourself in need of translation and interpreting services. At Dream Georgia, we can provide qualified, professional linguists ready to help with all your translation and interpreting requirements, from certified written translations of official documents to simultaneous interpreting at meetings and conferences to market, academic or personal research on any topic to friendly and knowledgeable interpreter-guides who can act as your personal travel assistant during your stay.

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