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Trekking and active tours

It would be hard to find a better country for adventure tourism than Georgia. First, the country has everything an active traveler could want: mountains with trails of different difficulty levels, white-water rivers and tranquil lakes, routes through its extensive national parks for cycles, horses, and off-road vehicles, and vast areas of public land where you can pitch camp in absolute seclusion. Second, Georgia is remarkably compact, a small country with incredibly varied countryside, where wild nature is easily accessible from major cities and cozy towns. Third, it’s simply breathtakingly beautiful. Fourth, the infrastructure for active tourism, though still being developed, is already excellent, and the local population is friendly and helpful, even if not many of them speak English.

Finally, you have us. Our active travel experts can help you put together the ideal route for your trip, with full consideration for your time limitations, budget and physical capabilities. We’ll also provide you with all the equipment and logistic support required. And we can furnish you with a truly exceptional guide, resilient, good-natured, and knowledgeable, ready to lead you and your travel companions on a remarkable Georgian adventure.

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