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Tours for individual travelers

The great advantage of traveling alone is the freedom to do what you want when you want. To follow your nose and find out what interests you on the spot, without having to stick to strict plans made months in advance. To pick your activities to suit your mood, rather than having to find compromises that keep everyone moderately happy. In a country like Georgia, where almost everything is new and fascinating to first-time visitors, the flexibility and freedom of an individual traveler can be an immense benefit.

At Dream Georgia, we respect your freedom and independence, but we also know that even the most experienced and self-reliant solo traveler needs a little help to get the very best out of their time in Georgia. First, we can help you put together a provisional itinerary so that you have a basic framework for your trip. Our Georgia travel experts will be able to answer all your questions and propose different options according to your personal preferences. We’ll also be more than happy to adapt the itinerary as required -- even in the middle of your tour if logistics allow. Second, we can provide you with a tour guide, and not a harsh taskmaster with a rigid timetable to enforce, but a knowledgeable, affable local expert ready to help with any issue whenever required, and even just to keep you company if that’s what you wish.

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