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Kazbek may only be the third tallest mountain in the Caucasus, but for mythology, beauty, and spectacular trekking and climbing opportunities it’s hard to beat. Straddling the border of Georgia and North Ossetia in Russia, Kazbek is a kind of sacred site for the people of the Caucasus. It is said that when ascending Kazbek, a person leaves behind their mundane and worldly concerns, maling space for them to concentrate only on spirituality and beauty. Be that as it may, we know for certain that an ascent of Kazbek is a spectacular adventure, and a rich source of thrills and wonder.

Our Kazbek tours are custom-designed to match your trekking and mountaineering capabilities, and provide you with all the logistical support required, leaving you free to enjoy the challenge of the mountain and its spectacular scenery in absolute security.

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