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Georgia is not an expensive country. Average salaries can seem shockingly low in comparison to the US or the rest of Europe, but for the most part Georgians enjoy a relatively high quality of life thanks to the remarkably low prices, especially for food and other essentials. But the situation can be a little different for visitors, as tourism is seen as one of the main growth areas for the Georgian economy, and as something of a cash cow for entrepreneurs and opportunistic locals.

At Dream Georgia, however, we recognize that not every tourist has deep pockets and we’re determined to make Georgia and its myriad attractions accessible to all visitors regardless of their financial means. To that end, we offer budget tours to nearly all parts of Georgia based on the principle that our clients should pay the same as locals wherever possible and avoid the inflated “tourist” prices offered by much of the industry. In fact, by following this principle, we believe our budget tours can often offer a more “authentic” picture of Georgia, and that tourists traveling on a budget may even get a richer understanding of the country and local life.

Budget travelers are naturally inclined to opt for independent travel and self-organized tours, but given the significant language barriers in Georgia and the relative novelty of tourists from outside the former Soviet Union, even budget travelers can benefit from expert help to ensure basic levels of comfort and convenience.

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