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Food and eating out are often the primary point of contact between the traveler and the culture and traditions of the country they're visiting. That’s doubly true in Georgia, where food, wine and hospitality are central to the country's identity, and Georgian cuisine is undoubtedly its greatest cultural export. But in reality, there's no such thing as a single, unified Georgian culinary tradition. Instead, there are numerous very different regional cuisines -- Kakheti, Imereti, Lachin, and Adjara, to name but a few -- each with their own unique strengths and specialties. Not to mention Georgia's wines, product of one of the world’s oldest wine-making traditions.

Dining out in Georgia, therefore, has a huge amount to offer visitors in the way of amazing dishes and original culinary experiences, but navigating the range of dining options on offer can be daunting, especially for visitors with limited local knowledge. At Dream Georgia, we're food-lovers ourselves, and we’re keen to help others find the very best dining experiences that Georgia can offer. Wherever you're heading in Georgia, if you’re looking for the right restaurant for any occasion, we can help you to find it. We can also help turn your visit into a real culinary adventure, with the opportunity to discover some new aspect of Georgia's epicurean traditions at every meal. Moreover, we don't just send you to our own favorite eateries, we pay close attention to your personal preferences and dietary requirements -- whether you’re vegan, gluten-intolerant, or simply prefer less salt in your diet -- and ensure that the restaurants we recommend are right for you.

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