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In recent years, Georgia has witnessed a boom in the hotel industry. New hotels are opening all the time as visitor numbers swell, but levels of standards and service vary widely. Finding the right accommodation can be hard, especially as not all marketing information is honest, and vital details are often glossed over or ignored. For example, something as small but significant as poor Wi-Fi coverage or construction work outside your window can have a disastrous effect on your trip.

Star ratings can hide a multitude of discrepancies, not least because with the number of new properties opening there simply hasn’t been time to train a full generation of personnel in the finer points of effective service. Traveler reviews, meanwhile, can quickly become out-of-date, not to mention questions concerning their authenticity.

Due to the lack of information available, travelers choosing accommodation independently on the basis of price and location can often go horribly wrong. At Dream Georgia, however, we constantly monitor the accommodation industry in Georgia, contact directly with the majority of hotels, and can use our expertise to help find the best possible accommodation for you whatever the purpose of your visit and whatever the constraints of your budget.

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