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Long-term apartment rental

If you're planning to relocate to Georgia for any length of time and you don't have extensive local connections, finding long-term accommodation to rent can be fraught with difficulty. Essentially, you'll be relying on information you can glean online, and either paying a high premium to rent a vacation apartment for an extended stay or trying to navigate the open rental market without the necessary language skills or local knowledge to ensure you find a good deal. Moreover, many local realty agents, even if they do speak good English, will only be interested in getting you to sing a contract with little or no risk to their reputation if the accommodation proves unsatisfactory after you’ve moved in.

At Dream Georgia, however, our local experts are ready to act as honest brokers for you, taking into account your specific requirements to find suitable accommodation of any type for you at competitive rates in Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, or anywhere in Georgia. Moreover, we will vet accommodation in advance, and negotiate with owners to ensure conditions are satisfactory before recommending properties to you. Finally, we'll make sure that all contractual matters are properly concluded before you make any payments or move in to the property.

If you would like our help to find long-term accommodation anywhere in Georgia, please just fill out and submit the form below, and let us start searching for you today.

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